1 May 2017

So, I've come to the end of my first block of sessions with Do Your OM Thing Yoga.

What have I learned? 

  • I'm not the only guy, and there's a nice mix of males and females in class.

  • I've made gains in my overall flexibility, not just hamstrings.

  • I feel gre...

30 Apr 2017

Letting go was today's session. It fits in nicely with the 'Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k' book that I'm reading at the moment. Why force yourself in to a shape if you're shaking and not enjoying the pose?

“When we let go of the stories we tell about ourselves, to our...

28 Apr 2017

Rosie themes her sessions and this session was about cultivating confidence.

We gradually built up to postures, and I surprised myself by attempting some tricky arm balances. If someone had told me an hour ago that I'd be attempting an arm balance with my legs all twist...

26 Apr 2017

Each week we do different things, there's always something new to try. I like the variety, today we used a chair to help develop postures. I quite like using props, in today's session I found the chair gave me stability I otherwise may not have had in some balanci...

24 Apr 2017

In addition to a weekly practice I've been doing some Sun Salutations and some leg stretches at home and I've noticed a definite improvement. These small gains are quite motivating!

I recognise that I don’t need to be a bendy yogi, and, given the sports I play, I’m neve...

21 Apr 2017

I felt really good today and was looking forward to a dynamic yoga practice.

It’s nice getting into a routine, and even with a busy schedule like mine, I’ve been able to ring fence Monday evening to get to class. Now I’m becoming more familiar with some of the postures,...

19 Apr 2017

I made it to my second despite being really tired; sleep disturbed nights with my youngest child!

This is the benefit of booking up for a block of lessons; It motivates me to turn up, which was the hardest part.

Once I got to class and we got started I soon found m...