13 Jun 2019

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.’ -Pablo Picasso

I read a lot… you must know that by now based on how much I write and refer to books in my blogs.

In my quest to read every book ever written, about two years ago I read the...

5 Jun 2019

I like watching people do brave things! It’s inspiring and I like studying their behaviour, in the hope of finding things I can use in the moments when my courage waivers.

I’ve been to a lot of stand up comedy events recently, we can all agree that standing up, talking...

1 Jun 2019

Each month in classes I have a specific focus, and I do this because it adds depth to your practice. I’m not an instructor, I’m a teacher. To teach requires time and commitment and I’m lucky to have students that understand that.

Students don’t attend for a little stre...

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