17 Jan 2020

What style of yoga am I practicing and teaching, and what even is yoga anyway?

...It might be a little late in the day to be asking myself these questions, but better late than never huh?

I've spent hundreds of hours in the last 6 months alone reading and considering t...

2 Jan 2020

Yoga is versatile and adaptable, which makes it a constant source of enjoyment for me. However…one of my difficulties with yoga is how its evolved into modern consumer culture. It's a commodity. Something you can purchase in exchange for personally feeling better.

I don...

1 Jan 2020

People drastically over estimate what can be achieved in a day... and underestimate what can be achieved in a year. Just one look at your to do list will demonstrate this point neatly, and if you don't have one, feel free to look at mine; it's the writings of someone w...

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