15 Nov 2019

This is not a smug travel blog. We can all agree that a regular commute to London is not something to feel excited about, but; it was those journeys which inspired this post.

Train journeys can be part of life’s great adventure! Like being on a train that gets terminate...

10 Oct 2019

My life is full, not busy. That little shift in language makes a big difference to my mindset, when life is err... busy!

I’m currently studying for a Masters in Yoga and Meditation at SOAS University, I’m training a wonderful group of people to become Yoga teachers, men...

1 Oct 2019

Mudras in Yoga are gestures made with the hands.

When we view the body as an antenna that’s continually sensing and transmitting prana (or energy), we can recognise the sensitivity of our fingers as a gateway for information coming in towards the centre. Here we can ap...

6 Sep 2019

What is Yoga Nidra, and why is it such a powerful practice?

Yoga is about uniting mind and body. Anxious stressed mind, in an exhausted mind for example. Ideally we’d have a mind that matches the body, we’re able to feel stress and pressure, and then get back to comfort...

1 Sep 2019

This month we’re all beginners. If you practice with me regularly then it’s likely you’ve had a break in August as I reduced my schedule… Or, you just decided to skip classes for an evening on the beach. Or perhaps your practice slipped before the summer break.


1 Aug 2019

“You’ve got to kill the person you were born to be, in order to be the person you want to be.” -A quote from the Rocketman movie.

Family, friends and the culture you live in have big plans for you; there are expectations, hopes and family traditions that all have the...

1 May 2019

This month I’m talking about community. The Sanskrit word which relates to this is ‘kula’ which is a sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through people practicing Yoga and Meditation together.

My favourite classes (to teach or practice) are ones that...

1 Apr 2019

Looking up at your Yoga teacher in class is like checking your phone.

...Like a device; there are variable rewards because sometimes I’ll be demonstrating, other times I won’t, so you’ve looked up and there’s no further visual information.

This is all done deliberately,...

15 Mar 2019

This time last week I was arriving for a weekend retreat.

I’m sure I’m not alone in struggling to justify time off and be utterly ‘selfish’ and take time to myself. Despite the challenges, I’ve overcome them and attended retreats at least once a year for the last 10 yea...

1 Mar 2019

Why do you practice Yoga?

You might have heard your teacher suggest you set an intent