31 Jul 2020

The sacral chakra is how we begin to relate to people outside of our family, when our survival needs have been met we can start to engage in the pleasures of life.

Sacral is connected to feelings of desire, sexuality and finances. The main challenge to the sacral is ou...

29 Jul 2020

I'm excited to start of the first in this special blog series about how our time in lockdown has illuminated the chakras or energy centres within the body.

The root chakra is associated with survival instinct, security and self protection. It's connected to our sense of...

5 Jun 2020

We do not function alone. Our modern world however creates the illusion of separateness. And it's miserable.

That's what we're being exposed to now, through isolation and polarising narratives.

The reality is we are not independent, we're not meant to be. We are connecte...

29 May 2020

Developing resilience doesn't mean feeling good all the time. Psychological resilience is built through getting good at feeling bad.

It's the ability to take things like anger, grief and sadness and make them useful... Turning lemons into the most refreshing lemonade. 


16 May 2020

One of the things I'm finding so tough right now is the contraction, the protection of hands and literally keeping people at arms length. It's a physical necessity, but there's an emotional component. 

That hands are an extension of our heart space is both a lovely tho...

8 May 2020

Mind over matter is a phrase you'll never hear me say.

It creates polarities and division in a unified system.

And as we know all too well; division and separation is painful.

Your parents might have cautioned you to watch your language! -as a warning at using four lette...

26 Apr 2020

The upcoming classes available via my online library will be focused on the ease in which we can breathe.

Breathing well, and allowing the breath to circulate around the rib cage has always been important, but of course right now it's something that's on our mind.

Your b...