31 Jul 2020

The sacral chakra is how we begin to relate to people outside of our family, when our survival needs have been met we can start to engage in the pleasures of life.

Sacral is connected to feelings of desire, sexuality and finances. The main challenge to the sacral is ou...

8 May 2020

Mind over matter is a phrase you'll never hear me say.

It creates polarities and division in a unified system.

And as we know all too well; division and separation is painful.

Your parents might have cautioned you to watch your language! -as a warning at using four lette...

25 Apr 2020

Whilst researching for an essay on Modern Mindfulness I came across a study I want to share about how uncomfortable we are with our thoughts and the lengths we'll go to, to get away from them.

Ok so get this; participants were invited to spend 10-15 minutes alone in a r...

22 Apr 2020

These photos of yoga are smashing; beautiful people in well thought out compositions. But they're just representations of a system, a science, a philosophy that's existed for millennia.

The presence of yoga images online has distorted the practice, isolated a...

12 Feb 2020

The inspiration for practice this month is curiosity; taking a careful interest in movement, potential and sensation.

If you've been in a class with me, you're boldly discovering new and interesting ways to move. You might even have been one of the people to talk about...

1 Feb 2020

This month we're cultivating curiosity. The latin origin of the word curious is cura which means care. To be curious is therefore a sign you care. Think about getting to know someone, you ask questions and listen to the answers. If you really care; you remember what wa...

17 Jan 2020

What style of yoga am I practicing and teaching, and what even is yoga anyway?

...It might be a little late in the day to be asking myself these questions, but better late than never huh?

I've spent hundreds of hours in the last 6 months alone reading and considering t...

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