1 Aug 2019

“You’ve got to kill the person you were born to be, in order to be the person you want to be.” -A quote from the Rocketman movie.

Family, friends and the culture you live in have big plans for you; there are expectations, hopes and family traditions that all have the...

23 Jul 2019

How do creative people do it? They appear to have an unending reservoir of creativity and discover solutions to complex problems.

Creativity is something we need for wholehearted living. It isn’t just for the ‘creative types.’ Excel users require creativity in how they...

4 Apr 2019

Brahmacharya ब्रह्मचर्य is a Yama, or ethical guideline and frequently translated as 'chastity.' Although with all Sanskrit words there's so much more to it's meaning, I see it as more about managing our urges for excess.

Isn't that an odd quality to talk about in busin...

2 Apr 2019

I read a shocking article in The Week about Social Media Moderators. The role of a Social Media Moderator is to look through the billions of posts, videos and comments uploaded to the internet every week and then identify and possibly delete content which is racist, ho...

1 Mar 2019

Do you praise students? I’ve been in classes where students have been called out and praised for their movements. It sounds so ridiculous but when I was called out, I was like yaaaaas! I’m so good at Yoga!

When I first started teaching I wanted to make sure students fel...

17 Feb 2019

Love or Prema, Raga, Anurakti, Priti, Bhava Sneha, Madana, Kama, Sambhoga.

So many words for love!! It tells you a lot about the industry we’re in and it’s lineage right? Prema is from the verbal root ‘pri’ which means ‘to please, gladden, delight in.’

You love Yoga, you...

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