1 May 2017

Injuries can largely be put down to Range of Motion (ROM) of the joints: lack of mobility, or hyper mobility

First we need to understand that the skeleton is in fact suspended in muscles, tissues and fascia. Rather than the skeleton being a rigid structure that muscles...

14 Apr 2017

Meet Do Your OM Thing Yoga’s Man on the Mat Blogger!

This blog documents 10 weeks of Strong Vinyasa Yoga from the point of a Yoga newbie.

About Me

I work full time and am a father to two young children, so I don’t have a lot of time, or a big budget to exercise. However I...

18 Nov 2016

Body awareness

Generally my neck is the same but I think that's because my muscle problems are so deep routed there, that it will take considerable time to 'fix'. I do find that my neck isn't as tense in yoga practice as it was the first week and it's easier to do certa...

14 Nov 2016

Body awareness

Doing yoga is making me more mindful of how to try and manage my neck pain/stiffness. I try to keep my shoulders and neck relaxed while running and do some neck stretches outside of class too, which is helping. 

Levels of stress

I had no particular str...

30 Oct 2016

I really enjoyed my first Vinyasa Yoga session. I was nice and warmed up as I ran to the venue, and after a long day at work, I was ready to relax.

Body Awareness

I have an issue with a stiff neck and shoulders, so I try not to overwork it or push it too far. Rosie showe...

28 Oct 2016

Sonya has just signed up to six weeks of Yoga with Do Your OM Thing. She’s been to a few classes and tried Hot Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Follow her journey over the next few weeks as she starts a regular practice.

How would you describe your current level of activity?

I’m qui...

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