2 Aug 2020

The solar plexus is about emerging out of survival and stepping into our personal power! 

It relates to self esteem and ambition. Confident and motivated people will be abundant in this energy centre. In Sanskrit the word for this centre is Manipura, which means city of...

1 Apr 2020

My classes have gone online. Of course they have.

And I'm loving being present for you in that new space. Half of the rate is being donated to four paws charity because the Do Your OM Thing yoga community refuses to contract their hearts and think only of their immedia...

1 Jan 2020

People drastically over estimate what can be achieved in a day... and underestimate what can be achieved in a year. Just one look at your to do list will demonstrate this point neatly, and if you don't have one, feel free to look at mine; it's the writings of someone w...

12 Dec 2019

I've mentioned I'm studying for a Masters right...?

Well here's a review I wrote of the very popular and important book Yoga Body by fellow SOAS academic; Mark Singleton. I really encourage you to read the book (or this post if you're short of time) and start to consid...

1 Nov 2019

It was my birthday last month which is always a trigger for self reflection isn’t it? I’m the oldest I’ve ever been and am continuing to lay the foundations for long term physical and emotional well being.

…Which is easier said than done; I work full time, I’m studying...

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May 16, 2020

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