8 Aug 2020

Throat chakra is all about expression. 

Physically it's about being heard and speaking up. We've seen people being really vocal throughout Lockdown, and especially during the protests. And we also witnessed an absence of expression, people going quiet.

The thro...

5 Aug 2020

The heart chakra is fairly self explanatory. It's about being open hearted. When our first three energy centres are relatively balanced then we can evolve into a truly loving person. We begin to cultivate the deeper qualities of service and compassion.

The Sanskrit word...

2 Aug 2020

The solar plexus is about emerging out of survival and stepping into our personal power! 

It relates to self esteem and ambition. Confident and motivated people will be abundant in this energy centre. In Sanskrit the word for this centre is Manipura, which means city of...

29 Jul 2020

I'm excited to start of the first in this special blog series about how our time in lockdown has illuminated the chakras or energy centres within the body.

The root chakra is associated with survival instinct, security and self protection. It's connected to our sense of...

22 Jul 2020

Two people visit a Zen Master (thank goodness there's always one around when you need advice).

The person man asks: “I’m thinking of moving to this city. What’s it like?”

The Master asks: “What's it like in your current city?”

The person replies: “Oh it's the worst, I don...

1 Jul 2020

There's a story of a Zen Master who was given a cut crystal glass by a former student. It was a beautiful object to look at and sip water from. The Master would show the glass to visitors, and tell them about the kindness of his former student.

What the visitors didn't...

5 Jun 2020

We do not function alone. Our modern world however creates the illusion of separateness. And it's miserable.

That's what we're being exposed to now, through isolation and polarising narratives.

The reality is we are not independent, we're not meant to be. We are connecte...