Valleys and Hills

I’ve been watching more documentaries to increase my general knowledge and help me understand pop culture references because I have some embarrassing blind spots! I recently watched a documentary on Quincy Jones who had a tough start in life, growing up in Chicago’s south side, his mother was ill and unable to look after him and his brother, whilst his father worked long hours every day in an attempt to provide for the boys. Their upbringing was hard and deprived. Quincy wanted to be a gangster, that’s what everyone around him was doing; carrying weapons and stealing. Decades later remarked that ‘you want to be what you see.’ He so wanted to be a gangster when he was young because that’s wha

Fire Activated Seeds

...A bit leftfield but I wanted to write about fire activated seeds! Professionally things are great; I’m teaching well, focused on my studies and experiencing the absolute joy of guiding people on a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course which is already receiving enquiries for 2020. Personally however… it’s another matter, but I'll spare you the details. In seeking a path through the swamp of emotional sludge, I’ve turned to a little reference in one of my favourite books The Buddha, Geoff and Me. If you’ve listened to my Yoga Pose Podcast, you’ll have heard me mention it and I really hope you read it one day. It’s a beautiful book and my copy has so many of the pages turned down, which is

Brahmacharya: Morality of the Yoga Business

Brahmacharya ब्रह्मचर्य is a Yama, or ethical guideline and frequently translated as 'chastity.' Although with all Sanskrit words there's so much more to it's meaning, I see it as more about managing our urges for excess. Isn't that an odd quality to talk about in business Rosie? No! Brachmacharya represents a virtuous lifestyle that also includes simple living, meditation and other behaviours. It's essential in a moral and ethical Yoga business. My tips for living and working in a way that frees us from the bonds of excess: Consider how you dress when you teach. I choose to dress modestly, wear appropriate clothing that provides cover. Lots of skin on show can be distracting on many levels.

Internal Moderator

I read a shocking article in The Week about Social Media Moderators. The role of a Social Media Moderator is to look through the billions of posts, videos and comments uploaded to the internet every week and then identify and possibly delete content which is racist, homophobic, bullying, pornographic or shows graphic violence. Rachel was being interviewed and said she had ‘spent 8 years sifting through a torrent of hate’ and has seen things she can’t unsee. What’s alarming to note is that it’s a boom industry, in the last 18 months Facebook has increased its number of moderators from 4,500 to 15,000. It’s the stuff of nightmares, to know there are people employed to work their way through th

Happiness Not Success

I’m happy and it’s happiness that leads to success. Not the other way around. I’m not happy because I’m successful. The field of positive psychology has turned the paradigm on its head. Your mind, not your circumstances determines your success and happiness. I’m lucky because I get to live my dream. Despite the hours spent creating content, sending invoices and understanding SEO, I can create my own schedule, share what I love, I teach a wonderful group of students and I’m successful. I live, breathe and dream Yoga. Literally. That’s not an exaggeration. I remember studying German and started to feel fluent when I spoke German in my dreams, now I find Sanskrit slip into my subconscious! The

Visual Distraction?

Looking up at your Yoga teacher in class is like checking your phone. ...Like a device; there are variable rewards because sometimes I’ll be demonstrating, other times I won’t, so you’ve looked up and there’s no further visual information. This is all done deliberately, and from a loving place. Let me explain; 44% of people report exhausted and stressed out eyes end of their working day. -For more stats (and solutions) listen to Yoga Pose Podcast epsiode 58. Most jobs involve large periods of time using a computer, staring up close at back lit screens, eyes flick left and right, they tend to dart around, scan and flick around. It’s fatiguing and changing the way our brain functions (and not

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