Summer Reading Recommendations

Here are my summer reading recommendations! I'm reducing my teaching schedule during August, in favour of lazy days reading. The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet. By Benajmin Hoff Who knew the childhood favourite of Pooh lived his life remarkably similair to the principles of Taoist philosophy?! This is an easy and delightful book to read. Here's a short excerpt "Without difficulties, life would be like a stream without rocks and curves - about as interexting as concrete. Without problems, there can be no personal growth, no group achivement, no progress for humanity But what matters about problems is what one does with them. Eeyores don't overcome problems. No, it's the other way around." W

Awakening Creativity

How do creative people do it? They appear to have an unending reservoir of creativity and discover solutions to complex problems. Creativity is something we need for wholehearted living. It isn’t just for the ‘creative types.’ Excel users require creativity in how they express the data they’ve collated, how else to you convey its meaning? Managers need to innovate and inspire staff. All businesses and the self employed will use social media, creative content is key. And for people seeking new work opportunities; well they need to tune into their talents and present them to prospective employers. So we can agree creativity is an essential component to a fulfilling life, but how do we maintain

Road To Headstand

Headstand or Sirasana is a much photographed pose, and it’s one of the questions that comes up often when students enquire about attending my Yoga Teacher Training. I make a joke that one of the best things about being a teacher is you only teach what you can do! -But seriously, the ability to do a headstand is not a course requirement. I’ve done many a headstand. Often unsupervised (as a child I’d watch TV upside down) as well as ‘supervised’ to varying degrees of success. Supervision in some classes was in the form of encouragement, and with the best of intentions I'd get helped into a headstand before I was ready or really understood the pose. As teachers we’ve learned the contraindicatio

Oxygen Mask

When I took a flight over to Berlin recently, I actually listened to the safety instructions. I normally have my nose in a book, but this time I paid attention and thought about why we should put our own oxygen masks on before helping others. Initially it sounds counter intuitive... In an emergency I’m meant to make sure I’m ok first?! But thinking about it for a moment and it makes perfect sense; I’m not going to be able to help someone if I can’t breathe. You don’t need to read an article reminding you how stressful life is, the demands you have on your time, both self imposed and from others, but what you do need is to take a breath; and (metaphorically) put your oxygen mask on first. Tak

Side Bending

July is all about the side body and occupying space in a world that (is it just me?) seems to be trying to get us to think and feel small? For this month how can you shift your interest from the front and back parts of your body to the sides and these long, luscious lines of muscle and tissue. I teach a theme for one month because that ensures I’m actually teaching, not just guiding people in and out of shapes (which would make me just an instructor). Each month I shift our focus, and so you conclude the month with more knowledge than when you started, and you take what you’ve learned, into the next month. Students who practice with me really are learning, rather than being instructed. Alrea

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