Life's An Adventure

This is not a smug travel blog. We can all agree that a regular commute to London is not something to feel excited about, but; it was those journeys which inspired this post. Train journeys can be part of life’s great adventure! Like being on a train that gets terminated half way because there isn’t a driver, is a chance to change course (and ponder how a driverless train travelled so far). These deviations can be seen as a metaphor for life; eventually I’ll reach my destination, but the path I planned to take will be different. I have to find another way to get where I wanted to go, and the complexity of that task (I have to make two changes?!) sometimes makes me question where I was headed

Say YES to Stress

It was my birthday last month which is always a trigger for self reflection isn’t it? I’m the oldest I’ve ever been and am continuing to lay the foundations for long term physical and emotional well being. …Which is easier said than done; I work full time, I’m studying for a Masters in London and almost completed my fourth Yoga teacher training. We’re all busy and hard working and experience stress. Stress isn’t good or bad, ‘stress’ simply means a provocation to a challenge, a call to act or react. In the morning, you’ll experience a motivating wave of stress when you hear the alarm, and that’s what gets you up and out of bed. Stress can become harmful when we’re exposed to it for prolonged

Rosie Iles-Jonas

Yoga Teacher

Postgraduate at SOAS University

Yoga and Somatics for Healing with Charlotte Watts