Yoga Body -A Review

I've mentioned I'm studying for a Masters right...? Well here's a review I wrote of the very popular and important book Yoga Body by fellow SOAS academic; Mark Singleton. I really encourage you to read the book (or this post if you're short of time) and start to consider what Yoga is to you... What you think of the industry and... if you'd like to be a part of it! Because I'm working on my first solo Yoga Teacher Training course. This is a piece of academic writing so it's err... a bit more formal than my usual style. Mark Singleton’s ‘Yoga Body’ is an absorbing and informative investigation into ‘the rise of āsana (posture) in modern transnational Yoga’, and the history of the intersection

Time To Hibernate

I'm taking a bit of time off and reducing my teaching schedule this December. So my Wednesday evening Hatha Flow Yoga and Meditation Class will pause for the month, and resume 8th January. ...Between then and now... What are you going to do? Catch up on my blogs! Years of great content, like this on Dharma, or your life's purpose. And this one on awakening creativity, here's an extract: “Newton’s revelations about gravity occurred when he was relaxing under an apple tree. Van Gogh said ‘pictures come to me in a dream.’ Mozart once composed an entirely new piece while dozing in the back of a carriage. Einstein increased his perception of relativity while visualising himself walking along a su

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