Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Who are your mentors?

Everyone should have a range of mentors for different aspects of their lives. Who do you have in your bank of mentors; people who support, guide and inspire you?

Teaching Yoga is your Dharma right? As a teacher you'll have invested a lot of time and money in training and truely living in alignment with your Dharma requires Artha, which is external resources, as well as internal like creativity and passion.

A happy Yoga teacher will feel their schedule is sustainable, with days off and a good quality of life. Notice I said happy, not successful. Seek happiness before success, that is Kama; learn what pleases you and pursue that.

You already possess the internal qualities to be happy in your career, having me as your mentor will assist you in realising that.

"Your parents will take you as far as they can, your teachers will usher you as far as the institutions that employ them will permit. But a mentor, well chosen, can guide you to the frontiers of your Self." -Russell Brand.

What's covered?

Over 10 hours you'll;

  • Gain clarity on your teaching style and niche

  • Cultivate a social media strategy, you don't have to be on every platform, but you do need to find your voice online

  • Understand ethical marketing, and how the accounts you feel intimidated by, have paid for followers

  • Develop a sustainable teaching schedule

  • Explore teaching skills, holding attention, sequencing and theming

  • Maintain your Yoga practice and ongoing study


What's the investment?


10 hours of 1:1 support, conducted via phone call or FaceTime.

Expect homework, book recommendations, lots of support and the opportunity to attend workshops and retreats. 

Are you ready to receive mentoring? Email me and introduce yourself!

Rosie Iles-Jonas

Yoga Teacher

Postgraduate at SOAS University

Yoga and Somatics for Healing with Charlotte Watts