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My favourite word from the yoga sutras is śraddhā. It’s a word I’ve found very helpful over the years. It means faith and trust. It’s the very opposite of fear. It describes a conviction from deep inside that we’re being supported by life. A sense of faith that if we can just let go of control, everything will ultimately be alright.


I think this ancient word was made for our challenging modern era. You may feel there’s a struggle in your body and mind; the overwhelming sense to take control and responsibility for your wellbeing; the adverts for supplements, programs, podcasts promoting self-help books and apps.... all pushing quick results (just do this thing for 30 days). But when each endeavour doesn’t work out, we lose faith in our choices and the struggle intensifies. Reaching out for support and potentially being disappointed or let down will diminish the flame of śraddhā.

You might find you’re losing confidence in leaders, professionals and experts. And that’s the crux of the challenge; the desire (or imperative) to take control and; unreliable guidance.

The energy of śraddhā is pure. It liberates us from holding on for dear life, whilst also feeling adrift. One of my values as a teacher is that I can only guide another on the path as far as I have ventured. I can’t teach what I don’t possess. It is my intention to teach you in our weekly class, to have faith in yourself and your practice. You may not know the myriad of benefits of the āsanas or the techniques we practice, you don't need to, because you have śraddhā.

Class runs every Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church or live via zoom.


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