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My First Yoga Session

I really enjoyed my first Vinyasa Yoga session. I was nice and warmed up as I ran to the venue, and after a long day at work, I was ready to relax.

Body Awareness

I have an issue with a stiff neck and shoulders, so I try not to overwork it or push it too far. Rosie showed me how to adapt postures to fit my body and actively encourages students to take variations. My neck felt quite tense during class at times, however I woke up the next morning and my neck was so flexible and felt really loosened up!


I slept so well, Yoga really helped me relax and de-stress after work. I slept all night through and it wasn't disturbed like other nights have been.

Postures I find challenging

The downward dog especially! I find it hard to let my neck go, I hope eventually I will be able to gaze towards my knees. But I know it will take time to loosen the muscles around my neck and shoulders.

Also any postures where I have to put my hands/arms behind my back (the reverse table top!) are really challenging.

Mood/ Stress Levels

Noticeably different by the end of the class! I had completely de-stressed and let go of anything I had brought home from work!

Yoga and Running

I had read that Yoga can help with running, especially with recovery. I did my first run in ages before Yoga on Monday and it really helped all my muscles stretch out. I honestly wasn't aching much the next day and I even went for another run on Tuesday!

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