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Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter is a phrase you'll never hear me say.

It creates polarities and division in a unified system.

And as we know all too well; division and separation is painful.


Your parents might have cautioned you to watch your language! -as a warning at using four letter words that only have power because we've all agreed are rude... But what about phrases that disconnect us from the body? That's the language I'd rather we watch. Like the profoundly unhelpful 'mind over matter'. Which puts thoughts (mind) over the experience of the entire body (matter).

It's essentially a mantra to dismiss another persons feelings and to bring conflict to mind and body. To live at ease (with yourself and others... especially in lockdown) is to allow yourself to feel and listen.

We cannot be integrated as a whole if these polarities of mind and body exist and are indeed pitted against each other.

The yoga teachers in training with me are taking a deep dive into how words are felt and experienced in the body. Which can sound like fluff to the uninitiated...

However, think for a moment about all the phrases in common parlance that suggest mind- body connection; to give someone the cold shoulder or wear your heart on your sleeve is to give away emotional cues through your body.


What's the purpose of this article? To give you confidence that the mind body connection is so well established, it's literally under your nose.

Yoga and Meditation are practices that give you the space to communicate and listen to your mind and body.

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