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Open Hearted: Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is fairly self explanatory. It's about being open hearted. When our first three energy centres are relatively balanced then we can evolve into a truly loving person. We begin to cultivate the deeper qualities of service and compassion.


The Sanskrit word for heart is anahata which means unhurt. Eventually this chakra becomes a place where energy flows freely, it's not constricted during times of conflict. The heart doesn't succumb to bitterness or jealousy as a method of self protection. Nor does it run wild and free. Ask your heart; how able do you feel to give and receive love?

As the weather warmed up and lockdown restrictions began to lift, or just became unclear... we felt a lot of heart activation; some people reuniting with loved ones while others painfully observed. The heart is a muscle that benefits from training and this pandemic has really pulled on our heartstrings.

More than the heart, this energy centre is associated with the lungs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the lungs are associated with grief and sadness. But you already knew that; in times of conflict and emotional pain it becomes hard to breathe. We grieve what we love.

Get to know this energy centre by witnessing your breath. How it changes in different situations, giving you a window directly into your heart. Mudras (gestures with the hands) are also a great way to express and direct heart energy.


Heart Chakra at a glance:

  • Associated with the colour green. And no, there's no coincidence my colour scheme is green.

  • Element: air.

  • Located with ummm... the heart and thalamus.

  • Sanksrit: Anahata.

  • When this energy centre is a little deficient we might seem a little cold, withdrawn and lacking empathy for others.

  • When the heart is in balance, its a source of love and compassion.

  • Practice yoga and Metta Meditations to nourish this centre. Here's a practice to get you started.

  • Mantra: I have compassion for myself and others.

  • Be sure to read each blog in this special series.

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