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A stitch in time...

...saves 9. It’s always better to identify and solve a small problem, than wait for it to get bigger.


The phrase refers to how it's better to fix something than let it get worse. It's kind of ‘yeah duh’ but do we really apply it? Do we make repairs early? When we we respond to little nudges from the body that we need more rest (or more activity), we can pivot as opposed to making a whole lifestyle overhaul. When we notice how the mind whirs at night and starts to interrupts sleep, and take a little bit of action, we'll avoid a pattern of sleeplessness. We'll save more than 9.

What I love about sewing, stitching, unpicking and redoing is the resilience and patience I acquire. That’s where the therapeutic benefit comes in. Sewing really is a stitch in time for mental health. We live in hurried, impatient and worrying times. It’s because of this that so many people have cut off their creative ability (or deny its existence). Every infant in the world knows they can make things, draw, glue, cut… but somewhere along the way we buy into a label that we’re creative (it runs in the family), or haven’t got a creative bone in our body.

We overwork and live a culture that praises busyness, which makes rest and relaxation and a good night’s sleep very challenging. The beauty of mindful movement and slow stitching is the reconnection to out authentic self, that wise young infant who understood their ability to move and make with confidence.

It would be a pleasure for you to join me and artist Cass Whitfield for our mindful making and creativity workshop. Click here for the details.


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