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Engaging with Change

Your yoga and meditation practice is a great way to engage with change and transition. Not least because you practice in your body, which is in a constant state of regeneration. Skin cells regenerate every few days, the brain regenerates every few months and even the skeleton, which we might feel is 'fixed' is replaced every few months. If you read this article again in 5-7 years, it will be a whole different you (Oh hi, how are you?!).


This is so exciting to me! There's no limit the versions of 'Rosie' I can create. I didn't really like the tired one who moaned about her back (and everything else if I'm being honest). Those features didn't change overnight, but they're certainly not things which you'd associate with me now, are they?

The body is of course home to the heart and mind, the essence of a person. What we feel physically, is linked to how we feel emotionally. The cold, stiff outer exterior melts as we practice, and as we warm, soothe and ease joints in yoga, we find room in our hearts of connection, appreciation and gratitude. Spontaneous feelings of joy arise.

What's even more exciting than this, is we are a microcosm of the world. By changing myself, warming up and increasing my heart space, others change and our environment. And since we're all connected... well... the people I affect are affecting change and compassion in others and so on, and so forth!


You don't need me to practice yoga and meditation, put some music on, or find some peace and quiet whilst you move and breathe.

If however you would like some guidance and connection with others (it's a revelation how connected we feel on zoom) you can join us live this and every Wednesday. Click here for details.

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