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Heart warming

As the temperature really drops it’s so important to keep physically warm. It’s not about toughening up and bearing the cold. Keep your hands, feet, lower back, neck and ears properly covered. The health benefits of keeping these areas warm are vast. But that’s not all.


I read a study recently where participants were divided into two groups; one held a warm pad, one held a cool pack. They were told they were evaluating the product and as a thank you for taking part, they could choose a soft drink for themselves, or the equivalent value as a gift card to give to a friend.

The researchers found that physical temperature affects impressions of pro social behaviour towards other people, as the majority of the people given the heat pad opted for the gift card.

When our environment, in terms of the season... and perhaps more globally when we consider 'the state of the world' can feel quite cold and dark, you can consider putting proper layers on as a radical act of social change. More than ever I think we should radiate warmth and light.


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