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Self help, doesn't help

Self help doesn't always help. In a world where most of our immediate needs for safety and shelter have been met, with 'life improving' gadgets that track and hack the body, why could it be that some don’t feel strong and resilient?


Endless self help approaches claim to have the answer; be mindful, write a gratitude journal, drink 8 glasses of water a day, keep going no matter what, learn to let go or, it’s all about staying in the moment. Which one is right?

If you’re really active, and drink 8 glasses of water a day, without replacing the electrolytes you lose through sweating, you're likely going to feel quite rubbish. Equally, if you've been cold and quite sedentary, you really don't need that much hydration. That's just one example of how self help doesn't necessarily help.

One size doesn't fit all… and that’s self help might not be helping. Another reason self help is unhelpful is because the messages often operate from a place of the self is faulty and needs correcting, training or overriding.

What's so impactful about yoga, is true practice is based on the assumption of self acceptance. Huh, this is me today is how you want to show up on your mat each time. You're perfect as you are, you're going to notice areas of resistance and decide what you want to do with those observations. Yoga gifts you a range of techniques. You learn to dig deep in a posture, you’re shown how to let the tension from asanā go, before approaching the next one. You develop confidence to choose for yourself; is this where you go for more, or retreat a little?

In class this month I’ve been explaining the importance of resilience and agility. True, lasting helping yourself. See you in class tonight.


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