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Being conscious of the darkness in the world fuels our desire to bring more light.


I found that quote in an old notebook and that helped me turn a bit of a corner. Last week was a struggle. I felt like I was dragging myself through the week, and scouring the internet for updates. I felt dark, hopeless and heavy and those energies made me want to stay home and freeze. I didn't. I dug deep and kept to my movement practices.

No one knows what's coming their way both personally and globally, but I'm confident that having practiced with hope and lightness as themes already this year, we're in a good place to be engaged with the suffering in the world, and bring light.

The whole spectrum of emotions come in waves, a trickle, steady stream, a tsunami. This month we had planned to focus on waves and water, and it feels even more apt now. We feel worse when we're sedentary because feelings can't flow.

However and whenever you practice this week (because I know you will), think of the liquids you’re moving and shifting, especially lymph. We’ve got a month to dive into this, so for now know that good lymphatic movement not only assists with your physical health, but also your mood (which in turn contributes to your physical health). Increased lymphatic circulation through yoga releases endorphins that banish the effects of stress hormones.

You’re feeling good each week for a whole host of reasons, not least because regular movement means your body is able to move toxic matter (everything you consume from the physical, emotional to the energetic) out of your tissues.

When you feel good, you can do good. You can be kinder, more forgiving, even more generous and loving to yourself and others.


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