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What You Think, so You Become

The Buddha said; What you think, so you become. I might be paraphrasing a bit... But the gist is; your reality starts in the mind. So... How strong do you feel? Strong is defined as; having the power to perform physically demanding tasks, so it's different for each of us. Our strength is assessed by the ability to withstand pressure and force.


I enjoy testing my strength. Sometimes I'm really up for a challenge, other times I side step it. It's taken me a while to realise being strong isn't about always about taking the most difficult option. I've picked up inner strength; I know when to push things and when to ease off. I'm running a 2 hour workshop so I can teach you of the fun, stronger things you can put into your yoga practice. After the workshop you'll feel confident to make a class stronger when you're in the mood or keep things light and breezy with me. Workshops are a space for you to learn new things, test them out together and ask questions. This format tends to be slightly less informal than a class. This one off session is for you if (by Sept) you'll be looking for a little challenge... Or if you doubt your strength, think it's 'gone.' This, along with everything I teach is open level, suitable for all.

Join me Saturday 18th September 10am-12 noon @ Hove Methodist Church, or via zoOM if you prefer. The workshop is £25 and you're welcome to secure your place before making the payment.


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