16 May 2020

One of the things I'm finding so tough right now is the contraction, the protection of hands and literally keeping people at arms length. It's a physical necessity, but there's an emotional component. 

That hands are an extension of our heart space is both a lovely tho...

8 May 2020

Mind over matter is a phrase you'll never hear me say.

It creates polarities and division in a unified system.

And as we know all too well; division and separation is painful.

Your parents might have cautioned you to watch your language! -as a warning at using four lette...

26 Apr 2020

The upcoming classes available via my online library will be focused on the ease in which we can breathe.

Breathing well, and allowing the breath to circulate around the rib cage has always been important, but of course right now it's something that's on our mind.

Your b...

25 Apr 2020

Whilst researching for an essay on Modern Mindfulness I came across a study I want to share about how uncomfortable we are with our thoughts and the lengths we'll go to, to get away from them.

Ok so get this; participants were invited to spend 10-15 minutes alone in a r...

22 Apr 2020

These photos of yoga are smashing; beautiful people in well thought out compositions. But they're just representations of a system, a science, a philosophy that's existed for millennia.

The presence of yoga images online has distorted the practice, isolated a...

14 Apr 2020

Seems like everyone is getting a taste of my lifestyle; a lot of the time I don't have deadlines or dress codes to do my job effectively. I spend large blocks of my week on my laptop at home, with the constant temptation of snacks. 

So many perks to this flexible...

9 Apr 2020

You know the story of the baby elephant?

One day a mummy circus elephant has a baby, and the moment it's suckled it has a metal chain clamped to one of it's feet, and the other end is bolted to a metal stake in the ground to stop it running off.

The baby elephant grows u...

8 Apr 2020

How are you spending your free time? 

We're in a unique position that's liberating us from the usual constraints of practicing Yoga and Meditation regularly.

I'm enjoying hearing the big books that are being used as an alternative for a yoga block... T...