17 Jan 2020

What style of yoga am I practicing and teaching, and what even is yoga anyway?

...It might be a little late in the day to be asking myself these questions, but better late than never huh?

I've spent hundreds of hours in the last 6 months alone reading and considering t...

2 Jan 2020

Yoga is versatile and adaptable, which makes it a constant source of enjoyment for me. However…one of my difficulties with yoga is how its evolved into modern consumer culture. It's a commodity. Something you can purchase in exchange for personally feeling better.

I don...

1 Jan 2020

People drastically over estimate what can be achieved in a day... and underestimate what can be achieved in a year. Just one look at your to do list will demonstrate this point neatly, and if you don't have one, feel free to look at mine; it's the writings of someone w...

12 Dec 2019

I've mentioned I'm studying for a Masters right...?

Well here's a review I wrote of the very popular and important book Yoga Body by fellow SOAS academic; Mark Singleton. I really encourage you to read the book (or this post if you're short of time) and start to consid...

1 Dec 2019

I'm taking a bit of time off and reducing my teaching schedule this December. So my Wednesday evening Hatha Flow Yoga and Meditation Class will pause for the month, and resume 8th January.

...Between then and now... What are you going to do?

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15 Nov 2019

This is not a smug travel blog. We can all agree that a regular commute to London is not something to feel excited about, but; it was those journeys which inspired this post.

Train journeys can be part of life’s great adventure! Like being on a train that gets terminate...

1 Nov 2019

It was my birthday last month which is always a trigger for self reflection isn’t it? I’m the oldest I’ve ever been and am continuing to lay the foundations for long term physical and emotional well being.

…Which is easier said than done; I work full time, I’m studying...

10 Oct 2019

My life is full, not busy. That little shift in language makes a big difference to my mindset, when life is err... busy!

I’m currently studying for a Masters in Yoga and Meditation at SOAS University, I’m training a wonderful group of people to become Yoga teachers, men...

1 Oct 2019

Mudras in Yoga are gestures made with the hands.

When we view the body as an antenna that’s continually sensing and transmitting prana (or energy), we can recognise the sensitivity of our fingers as a gateway for information coming in towards the centre. Here we can ap...

6 Sep 2019