Yoga Teacher Training 2021

"We don't have to live out of our pasts. We can live out of our imaginations"

I was in your position; considering training whilst also embarrassed; what did I have to contribute to the industry!? As it turns out; a lot! And you do too. So let's get into the course details.


I teach presence, not performance, because the world is crying out for compassionate, authentic and wholehearted people, not people who can fold the furthest.


This is a course of personal development, developing your whole Self. Get ready to be empowered with the confidence and knowledge to support your physical and emotional health. From the first weekend you’re going to learn to read the body and unlearn the limitations of your Self.

There are important questions and debates on going in the yoga scene, the practice must evolve to meet the challenges of modern bodies and minds. But what do you think of how it’s evolving?

I’m looking for open minded people who want to study benefits of yoga and meditation and use it as a healing modality first and foremost for themselves, and from that place; share it with others. 

You're going to learn about anatomy, philosophy and marketing. How to advertise your yoga and make a living. 

Would you like to be part of the evolution of yoga and meditation? To work with me and take it in a direction that marries integrity and wisdom of traditions with our modern lifestyle.

The course is comprised of 10 weekends in the Float Training Academy, Third Avenue Hove. 
Each weekend you'll be training Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 9-5pm, Sunday 1-5pm. The dates are;
5-7th Feb
5-7th March
9-11th April
7-9th May
28-20th May
28-30th July
6-8th Aug
3-5th Sept
1-3rd Sept
5-7th Nov
You'll become a qualified yoga teacher, able to teach a range of styles like Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin. You'll also discover that specific labels of yoga limit a teacher's potential. That's why I don't categorise the style. There are no ongoing licences or qualification requirements and you can teach in person, online and internationally.
The cost is £2500 (paid in instalments) or £2300 per person when you book with a friend. Please email me for the full course details. 
As part of your YTT research, I recommend you look at various course formats to decide which one is the perfect fit for you.
This course needs a minimum of 6 people to enrol.

Enroling now

Rosie Iles-Jonas

Yoga Teacher

Postgraduate at SOAS University

Yoga and Somatics for Healing with Charlotte Watts