Flow State: Living Your Best Life

What is Flow State? Flow exisits between boredom and anxiety! Scientists have measured it and found it exists 4% out of your comfort zone. Let me take you on a journey to start to find your flow. When you're in flow you're creative, energised and can feel you're living your best life. You're not so stimulated you panic and take action for survival, nor are you bored and unmotivated. Mindfulness practices like Yoga and Meditation down regulate the nervous system and unplugs fear so emotions don't hijack your experiences. I know about anxiety and panic attacks and loved the idea of this flow state back when I was a support worker and living at 98% out of my comfort zone day and night. I was wo

Rosie Iles-Jonas

Yoga Teacher

Postgraduate at SOAS University

Yoga and Somatics for Healing with Charlotte Watts