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Autumn Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Friday 16-Sunday 18th October 2020 @ Gayles in Friston, East Sussex.

Autumn and winter tend to be a time when people feel really run down, experience 'SAD' -Seasonal Affected Disorder as the days shorten and generally feel as though they're running on empty. On this retreat we will enjoy pressing the pause button on all of this.

This weekend is all about learning to slow down, and creating the conditions for a happy, healthy winter for 2020 and each subsequent winter. Life long healthy habits!
This weekend will be a mixture of luxuriously slow Hatha Flow, Restorative and Yin Yoga. We'll also practice Tai Chi, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

What's included? Two nights dormitory accommodation, all Yoga and activities, all meals are freshly prepared and vegetarian, tea/ coffee and healthy snacks. Access to the grounds, and easy walking routes across the Seven Sisters and down to the beach.

This is an open level retreat, it's suitable for all. £280 per person.

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