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We Actually Are All In This Together

We do not function alone. Our modern world however creates the illusion of separateness. And it's miserable.

That's what we're being exposed to now, through isolation and polarising narratives.


The reality is we are not independent, we're not meant to be. We are connected and dependent on each other for survival. About 3.5 billion years ago our ancestors were still in simple chemical form, hanging out in the primordial soup. They noticed if they hung out together, they survived, and the first creatures came into existence. Then those creatures (took them 2.5 billion years... but they got there in the end) realised getting together created even more opportunity for multiplying. These tiny cells (mitochondria) have become the building blocks for our modern bodies.

Isolation has been confusing and it's given the illusion I can do things on my own. I can work from home, eat some of the herbs and vegetables I've grown and feel like an earth goddess.

The truth is though, someone packaged those seeds, which got supplied to the shop I went to, and I'm only eating the bits of the plants the slugs left. I can only write this post and talk about how interconnected we are, because there are engineers ensuring I stay online.

This article is a reminder that each day we are touched by thousands of lives. It's impossible for us to be separate.

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