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Reasons To Retreat

Because you deserve it! 
 You don't need me to tell you how hard you work, how much of your time you give time to others, and how important it is therefore to invest in yourself.

You'll actually meditate. 
When you have extended free time, it’s a lot easier to meditate and notice how it feels a lot more natural to breathe deeply and be present in the moment.

You can digitally detox. 
One of my favorite things about a retreat is shutting off my technology. While lots of resorts have wifi, you don’t feel the need to constantly tweet, text, update Facebook or call friends. It feels good to unplug.

You'll relax and de-stress. 
Sometimes we have to be away from home to give ourselves the permission to truly relax. Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and really de stress.

You'll eat well without having to do all the work. 
You get three healthy and delicious meals a day without the need to find recipes, go shopping, prepare the food, or clean up. Getting the nutrition you need has never been easier. All the work is done for you.

You'll make new friends. 
You'll meet people with similar interests. Even if you go alone (which I do every time), you have a chance to make friends.

You'll appreciate home. 
While time out in a beautiful location is always nice, we often come home with a refreshed appreciation for life. You feel happier, healthier, and re-energised to jump back into your routine with vigor. 

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