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Exploring the benefits of grounding, for mental health

Expressions like down to earth, standing our ground or holding our ground convey the firmness, steadfastness and ability to support ourselves. They speak to the strength, stability, internal security and support that come from feeling grounded through our legs.


When we experience trauma or are otherwise alarmed or distressed, our energy typically rises upward in our bodies, causing us to feel ungrounded instead of feeling the steady support of our legs and of the earth beneath. We can restore a sense of being grounded by focusing our awareness on our legs and connection to the ground.

Sitting, standing, walking... whatever works for you to bring awareness to your feet.

Delight in the simplicity and practice grounding techniques often.

The only way to experience the myriad of benefits of yoga, like a deep sense of stability, is to attend class. Click here for details.

Rosie x


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