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Be Curious

This month we're cultivating curiosity. The latin origin of the word curious is cura which means care. To be curious is therefore a sign you care. Think about getting to know someone, you ask questions and listen to the answers. If you really care; you remember what was said and refer back to it. What a bore you'd be if you assumed you knew everything about the other person, or talked over them.

Being curious is caring and that's what you want to do with your practice; ask questions, listen and learn.


In classes I'm going to be encouraging students to get super curious and explore their movement potential. The old fashioned method of teaching "put your foot here, externally rotate your thigh..." is overrrr! Students don't learn as much like that, but they do become compliant and expert at following instructions.

True intelligence is something experienced as opposed to learned.

At times in class (or during your home practice having been inspired by this blog) you might find yourself doing something slightly different on the second side. Because... well why should it be the same as the first side? The body is used asymetrically all day, so to think you can balance out both sides in a yoga class is a misnomer, and makes the practice too goal orientated. Which rather takes the joy out of it.


There's a mental component to this as well. I was recently lamenting with students about how challenging our course is, and the pressure of having to write an essay makes reading sources really hard work. We've stopped asking questions and having lively debates in seminars, or reading the whole chapter of a book. Classes are very quiet and we've been scan reading for the precious information we need for the essay. The need to complete a task has stripped us of our curiosity. And it made me quite miserable.

To replicate these feelings in my yoga and meditation practice would be demotivating and dull.


Get ready to cultivate your curiosity in;

Hatha Flow Yoga and Meditation Class; Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church

Take your curiosity to the max when you enrol in my 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Email me for further details.

Rosie x

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