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Curiosity and Kindness

The inspiration for practice this month is curiosity; taking a careful interest in movement, potential and sensation.

If you've been in a class with me, you're boldly discovering new and interesting ways to move. You might even have been one of the people to talk about altering your route to work, and doing mundane tasks differently.

This is all a practice in Mindfulness. Which in it's truest form means paying attention to what's happening in the present moment, in the mind, body and external environment.

You can't help but cultivate kindness when you're being Mindful. -When I'm running late and in a rush... I'm not the most generous and patient version of myself. However when I'm mindful I'm better able to respond and meet life's challenges.


There are two weeks to practice curiosity and kindess with me in person:

Mondays 11.15-12.30 @ The Float Spa

Wednesdays 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church

Sundays 10.15-11.15am @ The Float Spa


Ready to train in Presence Not Performance? Click here for details of my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

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