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A Beautiful Constraint

My classes have gone online. Of course they have.

And I'm loving being present for you in that new space. Half of the rate is being donated to four paws charity because the Do Your OM Thing yoga community refuses to contract their hearts and think only of their immediate network.


The last few weeks have been shocking and difficult to say the least. So I turn to close friends, and books for some support. I re read one about how beautiful constraints can be.

A constraint is a limitation that materially affects our ability to do something. And ummm... right now. I'm constrained like crazy.

The capacity to make constraints beautiful is increasingly important to all of us. We live a the nexus of scarcity and abundance. All businesses, families and communities have responded to recent events by adapting. Throwing out the rule book and finding new ways of doing things. There have been huge examples of compassion and generosity.


A New Constraint

In person yoga is always going to be the gold standard. You need a personal connection with the teacher, as opposed to an actor with access to editing software. Teaching in person is already a constraint; Some people can't make the times I've chosen to teach, don't live locally or can't afford the rate I charge.

So being unable to teach in person offers a different array of constraints.

I'm using these constrained and challenging times as a litmus test for my practices.

It's easy to invest in my health and wellbeing when life feels abundant. But what about now, in these fearful and uncertain times?

For over 2 decades I've really leant into yoga and meditation as something I can "do" which makes me more present and available to people who need me. They're practices I choose, at times like now, when a lot of decisions have been taken out of my hands.


The ability to turn constraint into sources of opportunity will increasingly be a key definer of progress in our personal and business lives. Which for me; is one and the same.

I hope you're keeping well and connected. And if you'd like to access my online classes, click here for details.

Rosie x

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