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Fired Up: Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is about emerging out of survival and stepping into our personal power!

It relates to self esteem and ambition. Confident and motivated people will be abundant in this energy centre. In Sanskrit the word for this centre is Manipura, which means city of jewels. How beautiful is that?


After the first month; #LockdownLife we began to ease out of some of the most immediate survival fears to be met with the relative luxury of wandering about our wider purpose. How am I going to keep in touch with my friends, and will they still want to hang out with me when this is over? As the weeks went on, I ran out of anecdotes and witty stories to regale my friends with because ummm... not a lot was going on. I'm not alone in placing a huge value in my work, it's a large part of my identity, as well as being a personal passion. Who am I now that's been severely limited? How can I be of service and have value in other people's lives? I didn't enjoy this feeling, and at times made me sick to my stomach.


The sacral chakra is a place of great energy and, which can give it a real purpose and direction to life. When unchecked though, it will sign you up to more things than you're capable of... Like those fitness challenges or learning a foreign language! Did you sign up for any? The abudance of online course and offers was overwhelming and appealing to the sacral. Like a seesaw we also saw people in pain feeling like they weren't making the most of lockdown by acquiring new skills.

What was needed was a connection to the sacral, to the gut instinct. Our personal value far and away exceeds salary, tax contributions and social media contacts. But we're exposed to a different narrative, which can leave us feeling depleted, hungry.

I am confident. I have a purpose will ignite the solar plexus.

Many people have responded to their solar plexus during lockdown as a prompt to reevaluate their work, relationships and priorities, and they're fired up for the future.

Next time we learn about how we individually and globally responded to the pandemic from our heart centre.


Solar Plexus at a Glance

  • Associated with the colour yellow. Do you ever wear that colour, or do you have it in your home?

  • Element: fire.

  • Located with the adrenals.

  • Sanskrit: Manipura.

  • When it's in need of nourishment we might feel insecure, or lack the courage of our convictions.

  • When we're in balance, we're full of confidence and motivation.

  • Stoke the fire with online Yoga and meditation classes. Here's one to get you started.

  • Mantra: I am powerful. I am confident

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