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Social Isolation: Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is how we begin to relate to people outside of our family, when our survival needs have been met we can start to engage in the pleasures of life.

Sacral is connected to feelings of desire, sexuality and finances. The main challenge to the sacral is our culture and external expectations. Pursuing a life of pleasure is often discouraged. Between responsibilities, obligations and commitments, it can be challenging to permit play and creativity.


As we settled into #LockdownLife we were confronted with issues relating to the sacral chakra like; communication; sharing, and the world of business. Some businesses experiencing a boom and providing services in very challenging circumstances. Others were mothballed, reliant on government schemes or working out how to pivot their work in these unprecedented times.*

There was a lot of external communication; We were overloaded with emails from every company we'd ever had contact with and had access to rolling 24 hour news updates. But in the first month or so, did you find space for internal communication and feelings? As well as being aware of all the restrictions, did you consider all the possibilities?

At times life wasn't enjoyable, all the things we know and love were being taken away, or assessed as unsafe. Pleasure is what the sacral is all about. So what now? Some of us were experiencing pleasure in the mundane and ordinary. I got into sending postcards to friends and making cards when I ran out of ones I'd bought. And in the reply I'd get a thank you, to which my response was 'my pleasure.' Because it was! It was one of the ways I could stay connected.

May I never forget the lessons I learned in the first month of lockdown, the small and simple pleasures.

Sacral loves to hear; I love my life. I love who I am. Can you say those words to yourself without cringing? Do you believe those words?

Next time we learn about putting fire in our belly, with the solar plexus!


Sacral Chakra at a glance

  • Associated with the colour orange. Can be fun to experiment with orange clothes, orange ink in your journal or creative projects.

  • Element: water.

  • Sanskrit: Svasdhishthana.

  • Location of the pancreas.

  • When it's out of balance it can lead to greed and longing.

  • To nourish your sacral chakra make time for pleasurable things in your life, start a gratitude journal and practices like yoga which encourage you to feel. Here's a practice to get you started.

  • Mantra: I love my life. I love who I am.

  • Be sure to read the previous blogs in this series.

* I never want to hear the word pivot or unprecedented again.

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