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If not now, then when?

How are you spending your free time? We're in a unique position that's liberating us from the usual constraints of practicing Yoga and Meditation regularly. I'm enjoying hearing the big books that are being used as an alternative for a yoga block... The people in your household bored enough to join in with you...! The new found love of that little gap between your bed and the wall, which just about fits a mat, and crucially that the videos I'm making, makes it feel like I'm there with you.

The online classes I'm making for you couldn't be any more accessible.

  • They're open level, which means suitable for all.

  • You're in the comfort of your own home, you don't need an specialist equipment or the 'right' clothes.

  • There's no additional travel time or expense of travelling.

  • People in your household can join, and be exposed to something they'd never normally have done. They'll thank you for that opportunity

  • The sessions are ready and waiting for you when you'd like to practice; 6.30am, a little at lunchtime or just before you roll into bed.

  • There's no download or account to set up, you'll get access to the members site after your first payment. More details here.

I'm showing up for you online, I sincerely hope you'll accept the invitation to invest in your free time, because if not now... when will you!? Click here for details.

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