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Seems like everyone is getting a taste of my lifestyle; a lot of the time I don't have deadlines or dress codes to do my job effectively. I spend large blocks of my week on my laptop at home, with the constant temptation of snacks.

So many perks to this flexible working... and some challenges.

I manage to maintain my productivity because I have a routine. Not a strict one where each hour is accounted for, just one where I chunk parts of the day into certain activities.

  • I wake up at the same time every day, and because of that, there's a usual kind of time where I get tired and want to sleep.

Why's that important?

Having a consistent body clock regulates my mood and endocrine system. It means I get hungry at breakfast, lunch and dinner time and less likely to graze during the day which reduces my productivity. Health begets health, so getting enough sleep means I fancy being active.

  • I have a block of time set out for self care, pottering around, wasting time online, a larger block of time to be productive whether that's study or work.

Why's that important? I'm more motivated to work, because I know there's a clear space of time for watching YouTube videos of cats. This remains my all-time favourite, I only wish my cats were as interested in printers.

  • I use a scheduling tool. With so much to do, and the potential for so many distractions, like responding to emails as they arrive, I've found scheduling tools like this incredibly helpful for keeping me on track.

Why's this important?

It's called ASANA for goodness sake! But there are plenty of other tools that offer the satisfying feeling of ticking things off my list, to see how much I have achieved. And as someone who's passionate about their work, it takes discipline to 'just' do the things I've scheduled, rather than over do it. It also creates a sense of proportion, I don't need to race through everything, I have time, and that filters into other areas of my life.


Hopefully these ideas are helpful to you and I'm interested to hear your quaroutine strategies.

Rosie x

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