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Eyes Wide Open: Third Eye Chakra

Without vision, our actions are merely impulses. But with vision they become creative acts in the service of transformation.

Once we've met our immediate survival needs, we begin to think about thrival. We make choices from a heart felt place and develop higher aspects of ourselves, like intuition and awareness.


The third eye is located in the space between the eyebrows. It's both mystic and physical, as is the site of the pineal. It's considered the 'third eye' because of it's location deep within the brain and how it reacts to the light. Anatomically this part of ourselves is responsible for melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep and wake patterns. A poorly functioning pineal has a devastating affect on every energy centre. Our whole Self.

When Lockdown restrictions began to ease, community and business were challenged to find new ways to serve. We were blind sided by the Lockdown, didn't see it coming, but the recovery demands vision for a new future.

We choose the future by virtue of our capacity to conceive and respond to new possibilities, to bring them out of our imagination. I like to plan and think things through, and I sometimes miss the potential of the third eye centre.

I know I disappoint some people when I talk about intuition, they liked me before I got into 'all that nonsense.' Think of intuition as a skill like standing balances and meditation. To develop this skill takes self esteem, and belief in your Self. I've never found my self esteem bolstered by other people or external sources, and that in itself an example of my unblinking personal power.

The third eye centre is strengthened by hearing; I trust my intuition. So as we transition out of strict lockdown, what do you see for your future?


Third Eye Chakra at a Glance

  • Associated with the colour purple/ indigo. Do you ever wear that colour, or do you have it in your home?

  • Element of light.

  • Located within the the pineal.

  • When it's in need of nourishment we might experience a lack of imagination, or denial (can't see what's going on).

  • When this centre is balanced, we're perceptive and have real vision.

  • Mantra: I am intuitive.

  • Connect to this centre with Yoga and meditation classes. Here's one to get you started.

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