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Humans are a social species. We're drawn to live in groups, and feel happier when we're in a connected community. We feel lonely without relational contact. Grouping together is instinctive; for mutual safety, comfort and cooperation.


A live yoga practice is so meaningful to me, both as a student and a teacher because it offers us a chance to coregulate. Students attend class as individuals with their own movement pattern, stresses and breathing rhythm.

But as I watch students (both in person and online), I can see us coregulate. My calm body, slow heart rate and relaxed tone guides students to relax tense muscles and down regulate the nervous system of every person in the room or screen.

That's achieved not by dictating breath or even giving the cue 'just relax.' It's achieved by attunement. I stay away from teaching prescribed and specific outcomes (e.g. you should feel relaxed by the end of this), and instead have a focus of shared states that help us feel closer.

...And incredibly; our community experienced that JUST NOW when reading this article and thinking about human connection.

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"

-Ancient proverb

I can't wait to welcOMe you to this space of coregulation and connection through my 10 week zoom course. Join me Wednesday 2nd Sept -4th Nov 7.30-8.45pm, or at your leisure via recordings.

It's £90 per person or £75 per person when you book with a friend.

Email me for more details.

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