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If everything is vibration, can anything be silent?


There can be silence, but not necessarily in the sense we’re sometimes trained to think of it.

In Spanish and Portuguese, the word for nothing is nada. Strangely in Sanksrit one of the root languages on the other side of the Indo-European language family, the word nada means sound.

Yogīs have known the benefits of peace and quiet for centuries, but perhaps now it’s an area increasingly investigated by scientists, we’ll take it seriously. Building upon a growing research in the science of mindfulness, researchers at universities around the world have used fMRI equipment -imaging technology that makes it possible to follow blood flow through the brain- to demonstrate how silent mediation practices help improve attention and migrate factors relating to depression and anxiety.

Nada yoga is the spiritual practise of meditating on the inner sound, the unstruck sound, sometimes called the sound of silence. We’re practising it formally this month, but you’ve been practising it for a while... I just kept quiet.

See you in class tonight


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