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A Breath of Fresh Air

The days shorten, a tinge of melancholy enters, the rhythm changes, the celebrations of summer are over, the light and heat have subsided. We move towards something mellow and soft, which encourages us to look within and to reflect…


Breath is the key element, in autumn and spring, seasons of transition, that’s when pranāyama (breath awareness) was traditionally taught in India. Breath awareness offers crucial assistance through phases of transformation and transition.

I know my autumn/ winter blues are increased when I try to swim up stream... to resist natures cue to rest and do less. My appreciation of this season amplifies however, when I can wake up a little later, go to bed early and make the most of the daylight hours with a short walk.

I love to walk in or by sea, where its easy to sense the energy present in the air. My trips to the beach might be more brief now, but they're so nourishing; feeling the wind and cold air on my skin.

I realised that perhaps this is often what we miss in the winter... we spend more time indoors, breathing in the same old air, little variety in temperature as we protect ourselves from the elements. I've found that a consistently cosy environment makes me lazy, not want to go out and feel the slightest shiver.

Winter, the wind and rain are all cold and unsettling... but a bit of time experiencing those feelings isn't such a bad thing. I get cold and feel a bit miserable, but that discomfort is temporary. Some of what we're doing in yoga and meditation, is creating a space where we can feel things, witness thoughts and sensations pass through.


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