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Creating Kula

When we practice together, we're doing more than stretching, strengthening and relaxing our body. We're creating a kula. Kula is a Sanskrit word which means community. It's wonderful to bring a group of individuals together, and through weekly sessions enriched with philosophy and mindfulness we start to feel part of a family.

Yoga's ability to connect us and our environment is an important part of its value. The Bhagavad-gītā is one of the early texts on yoga, and a sentence often quoted is; 'yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.' That was its aesthetic origins, advice for yogīs who were renunciates. But that's not the purpose of modern postural yoga. Nor is it where its. value lies. The Do Your OM Thing Yoga kula is about compassion for ourself and others. Research by Ichiro Kawachi has found that reduced social isolation is correlated with improved health behaviours commensurate with better mental health.

The 2022 course dates are 12th January - 16th March. Click here for details.

We practice in person @ Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road Hove, or live via zoom every Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm. The course is also available as a recording.

It's £90 per person, or £75 per person when you book with a friend. Email me to confirm your place.

I look forward to welcoming you to the fam.


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