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Happy New Fear!

Messages with fear are nearly twice as effective as messages without. How do you get people to listen, to believe in your product or service? Scare them. Fear suppresses rational thinking. It's a painfully effective marketing strategy, as the various panic buying trends of 2020-1 have shown.


What we need is to make lifestyle and consumer choices motivated by love and hope. Love for ourselves, our environment and the people and creatures around us. To make conscious purchases and investments.

Hope is the theme for our classes this month. I'll be describing how you can map those feelings in your body. We've got all the routes and shortcuts to fear, so why not find a new route?

When was the last time you felt hopeful? What does hope mean to you? What is something already in your life that makes you feel hopeful?

One of the ways we can cultivate hope, is to be in the presence of positive people. Just as one of the ways to drive a sense of scarcity, is to be around people with that mindset. Take a moment to consider your community... and the company you keep. In reading this, you're part of the community of people who know that;

Hope is not a word to just throw around lightly. Hope is a powerful seed that you plant in your heart without a doubt that in time, it will bloom into a magnificent garden.

Our weekly class starts Wednesday 12th January 2022. We practice in person @ Hove Methodist Church 7.30- 8.45pm or from the comfort of your own hOMe via zoom. Expect a light, bouncy practice that cultivates hopefulness. Click here for details.


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