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Hot yoga

Yoga has been popular for thousands of years because of its varied and complete practice which supports the body through the seasons. As we enjoy the hottest months of the year, let’s savour the benefits of feeling hot.


Sweat is obviously a sign the body is hot and sweating can feel uncomfortable or inconvenient. You might perspire at work, in an awkward situation or wake up in the night sweating. If those are your primary experiences of sweating, it could be that you’re accustomed to sweat = panic. So when you come to practice yoga in the summer, you feel rattled by the heat, rather than appreciating it.

Sweating cools the body. You’ll notice class slows down a little whilst it’s warm, but muscles and joints will be worked. Whilst we can feel wet/ sticky because of the heat, tissues and joints can get actually stiff and dry during the summer.

Movement, sweating and hydrating well, will combat the aches, and of course, lay down good quality movement whatever the weather.


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