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As the first month of the year draws to a close, let’s reflect. In classes and workshops recently I’ve been acknowledging the dreadful (Couch to 5K? What was I thinking?!) news year’s resolutions we make. They’re often austere, and focused on removing joy, pleasure, comfort and right about now is when it’s all dropped away.  



The word January comes from the Latin januarias. The etymology meaning door, or doorway. I might change my job title to yoga teacher/ Opener of Doors. I’m here to inspire and show you innumerable doorways through which transformation awaits.


Janus (after which January is also named) is the god of two faces, one looks back into the past, one forwards into the future. Maybe this is resonating and Old You made a harsh new year’s resolution at the beginning of the month. You can make change any day of the year.

Now we’ve got a feel for 2024, and (if you’ve been coming to classes) are feeling grounded and more like yourself, I think you’re in a great place to make a positive change that brings something in rather than cuts something out. Lasting change occurs when the dristī (focus) carries with it feeling. How will you feel when you've made this positive change?

What one habit, ritual or pivot would make a difference to how you feel tomorrow?


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