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We're mid way through May with our focus on the eyes; the two anatomical ones and right about now you should be open to the acknowledgement of mystical third eye.


I know what you've learned and experienced has been eye opening (which is strange because we've discovered most of it by closing the anatomical eyes). The third eye is the pineal gland, and it's more exposed in lizards, birds and fish. Their skulls are thinner, making the gland way more eye like than it is in us.

Our evolutionary heritage is relevant because it's a reminder that your bony skull is not a sealed vault and that your brain has evolved to constantly appraise and interact with light.

Light can refer to the obvious; daylight, artificial lights and blue light from screens. It can also be reference to things that are light, light workers (people who have a vibe you appreciate), light heartedness, illuminating authors and speakers.

We still have a few more weeks to enjoy the eyes, these portals of truth and illusion... When the mystical third eye opens, the luminosity of clarified consciousness bathes the head with light. -Or that's the plan. I can't guarantee we'll get that in class tonight, but it's worth a go!? Click here for the class details.


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