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Feelings ebb and flow. You’ll feel expanded big and open. At other times you’ll feel dull or agitated, contracted. All states are welcome, they move through us, nothing is permanent. It’s only if we get stuck in large periods of thinking and feeling small that we run into problems.


In class tonight, we’re tuning in to and moving with the pulsation of energy in the body brings you closer to understanding your true nature. Pulsing… vibrating… vibrant rather than stuck, dull and fixed.

Your body is the perfect repository for the pulse of life force. Every time your heart beats, it contracts, causing a wave of pressure that pushes fresh blood into the arteries. Between contractions, your heart briefly expands to allow in more blood. The breath also has a rhythm and the organs and glands pulse, even the bones gently throb with life.

Developing sensitivity to this pulse which in Sanskrit is called spanda can occur in any activity. Savasanā is a wonderful place to practice tuning into the subtle qualities of spanda. As you soften into savasana, you might begin to notice how vibrant and alive you are. The pulsing, vibrant, radiant sensations of spanda fills the body, enlivens the senses.

Savasanā can be interpreted as resting in one’s true nature, where all masks, armour and veils, the stuff that makes you smaller and contract, are released. Allowing an experience of perfect wholeness.

See you in class tonight; 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church and live via zoom


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