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Sweating rituals

Sweating rituals exist around the world from Finnish saunas to Turkish baths to Mayan tamascal. In Ayurveda, steam baths are used for general health and to treat colds and flu. How about as we practice yoga throughout August we embrace the heat, (I checked the forecast... it's coming) and reap the physical and spiritual benefits of the warmth?


Heat rituals tell us that high temperatures create a healing environment, not least because it requires a little toughness and tenacity. Pressure and heat are transformative. Precious metals and gems are revealed as the outer layers turn from solid to liquid and then drip away.

Living in alignment with the seasons is key for health, resilience and wellbeing. Your body is designed and ready for the summer heat (again... it is on the way). As I bend our practices to support you through the hot months, I like to take inspiration from nature; There are some seeds that are only activated in high temperatures. The eucalyptus can only release its seeds when a fire has melted its resin. The seeds can lie dormant for years until it reaches the right heat. Maybe… there are similarities in your yoga practice.

Buddhists talk about seeds as new beginnings in the mind. Seeds are a powerful symbol of potential and only bloom when they’re given space to grow. I trust you have numerous sources of nourishment in your life, and that yoga is a huge, and consistent source. Who knows what seeds of potential exist in the fertile soil of your mind? Don’t shy away from your yoga practice in the summer, maybe some seeds are activated by the heat. Hard outer layers of tension, (like resin) might begin to soften as we move and sweat.

Yoga is all about being present and intentional. This month in class; Let the warmth transform you.

As you know, we practice tonight and every Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church or live via zoom. Click here for details.


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